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The blog may not be updated regularly but it´s still alive and kicking, don´t you worry! StarCraft Adventures will be left as it is for the moment – I´m still not all too sure which direction SC:A is headed. I’ve experimented with Excel lately; I managed to create a turn-based StarCraft clone but do the nature of the game (large armies) it didn’t prove to be all that entertaining.

The same goes for WarCraft, although it was rather more enjoyable then StarCraft as a turn-based game. I might continue the Excel based game at some later time. Right now I’m going to be focusing my attention towards Diablo Adventures; I expect to have something playable (a demo version that is, to test the technical details) up and running in a few weeks / days depending on how quicly I make progress.

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An Introduction

Welcome to the Interactive Fiction Adventures Portal! Here you will find an overview of all the current (fan-made) projects we are working on. The current IFA stories are all based on Blizzard franchises – a big thank you to them for creating the StarCraft, Diablo and WarCraft universes. Without these, IFA would never have come into existence.